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Most insurance companies cover psychological services in part or in totality (often as benefits associated to work). They are not covered by the OHIP or Québec’s plan. Clients can contact their (or their spouse’s or parents’) insurance representative in case they do not know the amount for which they are covered. Clients who request an assessment can receive an estimate of the duration and of the total cost by calling the clinic.


La plupart des compagnies d’assurance paient pour les services psychologiques en partie ou en totalité (ils sont souvent inclus comme bénéfices associés à un emploi).  Les services ne sont pas couverts par la carte OHIP ni par la carte d’assurance santé du Québec.  Les clients peuvent consulter leur compagnie d’assurance (ou celle de leur conjoint ou parents) pour plus de détails. Les clients désirant une évaluation peuvent obtenir de l’information sur la durée et le coût en téléphonant à la clinique.

Cost of biofeedback /neurofeedback

Just as natural materials and foods cost more at first look, but save in the long run because of their quality, durability and healthiness for the individual and the environment, biofeedback, a natural approach to healing, also costs more at first glance, until you factor in its long term contribution to your health, quality of life and greatly reduced needs for treatment through the rest of your life. Then, biofeedback looks like the best health bargain you can get.

Rob Kall  (futurehealth.org)
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